Alicia Lineham

Songwriter + Synth-pop Artist

Auckland, New Zealand.

Influence: Dirty Projectors, St Vincent, James Blake, Warpaint.

Flat White. Left Hand. Tardis. 

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Lilo Peaks

Lilo Peaks is the creation of solo artist Alicia Lineham. Pronounced ‘Ly-low’, she describes her style as explorative synth-pop with a gritty, organic edge. Using an alty blend of acoustic and electronic, Lilo Peaks has a mellow, yet unexpected sound. Her first EP ‘Snucks Part I’ was released in 2014, while her most recent work includes developing new tracks while playing shows around Auckland City, NZ.

Upcoming Events

SATURDAY 14th MAY – Wine Cellar

Lilo Peaks + MilouxRavines.
Wine Cellar from 8pm.
Located just off K Rd in the St Kevins Arcade.
$5 at the door.

FRIDAY 10th JUNE – The Golden Dawn

Lilo Peaks + Being.
The Golden Dawn, Ponsonby Road, Auckland.
$5 door entry.

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